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Senator Nicole Mitchell arrested for burglary in Becker County, saying "I know I did something bad"

On Monday, April 22, Senator Nicole Mitchell was arrested on suspicion of felony burglary in Becker County.

Court documents say around 4:45am Monday morning, Detroit Lakes police officers were called to a home off of Granger Road and Long Avenue after the homeowner called 911 to report that someone was in her home. The caller told police that the intruder ran into the basement of the home.

Police say when they got there, they found Mitchell, dressed in all black clothing, and ordered her to the ground and placed her under arrest.Officers also noted that Mitchell had a flashlight that was covered by a black sock.

Through further investigation, police determined that Mitchell got into the home through a window of the basement. Police found a backpack that Mitchell had with two laptops, a cell phone, Mitchell’s Minnesota driver’s license, her Senate identification and miscellaneous Tupperware. Mitchell told officers that the laptops were hers and that she had "just gotten into the house" and "clearly, I’m not good at this."

When officers opened the laptop and pressed a button, the Victim's name popped up. Mitchell tried to claim the laptop had been given to her "way back when."

You can read the criminal complaint and police report here:

MCRO_03-CR-24-654_E-filed Comp-Order for Detention_2024-04-23_20240423195615
Download PDF • 469KB

Mitchell then requested a public defender, a service only available to those who can't afford their own attorney. Her request was denied. You can see that court order here:

Download PDF • 285KB

This is a major embarrassment for the state and community. Check out just some of the headlines:

And many, many more.

It is clear that Senator Mitchell is unfit for office.

Call her at 651-296-5537 and demand that she resign. Our community deserves a better representative.

This is an independent expenditure prepared and paid for by Renew Minnesota, PO Box 26471, Minneapolis, MN 55426. It is not coordinated with or approved by any candidate nor is any candidate responsible for it.

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Apr 24

During her campaign, she was in a debate hosted by the League of Women Voters. She spoke proudly of being a mom of her son and foster kids. I want to know, did she leave them alone all night while she went on her clandestine mission to Detroit Lakes? That could also be criminal neglect.

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